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Action is Relationship

We see that we exist is relationship, and we are all interrelated. It has been seen that human behavior gets influenced by reward or a fear of punishment. Human being acts in self interest. All societal laws work on the principle of punishment, but that has not changed the human being. No Law or policy or method can change the human being. The very law becomes separative which was meant to unite. No Ideal can bring order. Law or Ideal can bring temporary modification, a superficial cooperation for self interest, but it isn't integration, it is no change at all.
Is there an action which isn't a reaction, but a total response which isn't shaded by the color of a past thought or identification or memory of yesterday, or hurt or guilt ?

Action: What We Do

Our Observation

What we are inquiring into is the nature of action, what is action, and what is the source of action?

Is it the I, with its past mood, emotions, its irritation and constant need for having more satisfaction, or should it be the awareness which can clearly observe and can in-itself transform to be the action?

For a total action to be, the I can’t exist, I is the set of knowledge, hurt, memories, ambitions being carried with its limited centre, always acting out in conflict, either in past, or for future. Satisfaction can never be satisfied. Only when the I isn’t there, love is. Only when Love is, can there be the total action, which will unite the past and the present and the future, for they are one, and we need one action, total action, integrated, which is unity in nature, with no subject object differentiation.  Action based on love and Compassion leads to totality. Compassion is a part of action.

Action: Text

Your planning of future is also happening from the realm of past. All thought comes from the past, and thought is time.
In Truth, there is no future. Future is Now. And if you do not Change Now, you'd never change.

Action: Quote
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