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Programs and Services

Following are ways in which we see we can help you. But love, presence and help have nothing to do with structures. So feel free to write to us and we shall be happy to serve and help find the true place for you.

Please do not feel restrained if you don't know the right method of engagement for yourself or for someone with us. Just contact us !

Emerge Transmitter Program

Self Transformation and Conciousness Change

Transmitter documents are both the means and the ends towards right education, where we start from Understanding of Self, in Love, For Right Action.

Self knowledge is a process and goes on for life.

To lay down basic foundations, this program lasts for 45-50 days where we teach and work through our course material and customized calls for understanding of Self, Love, Action, Knowledge, Time, Psyche, Death, Relationships, Society, Conflict, God, Meditation.

Best Recommended for School and University Students, Working Professionals and Spiritual Seekers.

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Support Services

One on One support

Have you been facing conflicts in life? Do you think you need help with understanding of your own self, of your relationships, of the confusion?  Do you seek help with your mental health?

Contact us for one on one support.

We offer both online and offline support.

Recommended for Couples, Parents, Drug  / Tobacco/ Psychotropic /Entheogens Substance Users, Students with Violence or Attention Deficiency, Conflict in Relationships,  Spiritual Seekers and for Mental Health Issues. 

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Self Realization and Community Circles

Coming Together

Self Realization Circles are communities of Self Aware Individuals Coming together to understand their own selves and their life, building right virtues and understanding of the self, working on right thinking , into understanding their relationship with the universe and taking right action towards, and from it .

Get in touch to be a part of our growing community !


Simulations and  Experiential Learning

Mirrors for ourselves

Simulations create that safe space where human being can step out of his/ her own relative reality and roles, and can understand another individual, their life, culture, predicament, similarities and dissimilarities, and this very perception from a new awareness than previous one makes the human mind intelligent,  and free.

It is only in a relationship that we can see the entire content of our own consciousness, the conscious as well the unconscious. Simulations create perfect space for letting a human being see beyond their own self, and their own operation, reactions and responses to the situation and the moment.

Recommended for Groups and Institutions for Team Building, Critical Thinking and  Problem Solving


Right Thinking and Right Action

Relate and Response

Through Right thinking and Right Action, we have the potential to make a real change in the community. 

We respond to the needs of the society or different organizations by eliminating the wrong thinking and doing the right action.

We engage students, professionals  and community members in discussions and communication for union to happen.

We help Students and Professionals to think right on their personal, societal and global issues and facilitate Right Action. In truth, issues and suffering are not personal. They are common to all human kind.

Recommended for - School and University Students, Civil Society Organizations, Schools, Non Governmental Organizations, People who want to volunteer, help and act with or without a cause

Get in touch with us today and see how you can lend a helping hand with this program to work towards ending Discrimination, Violence, Global Hunger and Climate Change.

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