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Cecilia Escribano

Cecilia has an academic background in biological sciences, starting with a grade in Veterinary Medicine. She focused her professional practice in the social field, as an agricultural extension technician. For more than ten years, she has coordinated and participated in several research and territorial development projects in the Argentinian institutional scope. She worked extensively in management, interinstitutional relationships and transdisciplinary work aiming to be a nexus between farmers, government, academics and citizens. She realized the challenges that science and institutions face in order to attend to real demands, considering economic, environmental and cultural perspectives.  She also worked for more than five years as a university lecturer, trying to encourage analytical and critical vision in the students.
Later, she focused on academic research in Uruguay, where accomplished the Magister in Biological Sciences postgrad. She perceived the signals of a higher order that humans try to control but ignore and the urgency for science to integrate other realms of knowledge. During all this academic and professional path, she took training in several holistic therapies, art forms and physical disciplines such as Yoga, Reiki, Akashic Records Readings, Floral Therapy, music and dancing. She is an enthusiast of ancient medicine, conscious opening and knowledge integrating practices.
Currently, she is mentoring students and giving yoga classes, combining tools from different physical, philosophical and spiritual disciplines. She focuses on personal paths, accompanying and promoting inner development. In the same way, she has worked with children, acknowledging their interests, abilities and emotions as a springboard for their own growth. 
In 2023 she became, as independent researcher, member of the project: Spiritual Knowledge from food production as principal aspect to “Buen Vivir”in the New Paradigm Research at the Laszlo Institute.
Cecilia is moved by an infinite curiosity on inner wisdom and its full expression in our relationship with the environment, both physical and spiritual. Her wish is to be part of a growing global community that transcends the academic and individual boundaries and develops in a shared consciousness.

Cecilia Escribano: Our Team
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