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Kindness or compassion or gentleness are not of the realm of thought or of practice .
You can’t discipline yourself to love .
Love is not a result of  a cause. When there is a cause, there is weakness which leads to yielding or resistance.  Love is neither of these. True love has the freedom not only from the other, but from oneself and ones own sense of separateness.
Love hence can't be practiced, it is not a  product of thought or of  method. You can't practice compassion. Practice is imitation and repetition, and slowly becomes a habit. There is no presence in a habit. And all habits are bad. There is good vs bad habit.
There is no Path to God. There is nowhere to go.  All paths come from the mind, and if the mind already knows the destination and direction, then it is just a thought seeking security in another thought or idea, while love and God is not thought.
The problem is that we don't understand how to love. And this question about how to love again puts you into thinking, but thought or idea is not love.

Love: What We Do

Our Observation

Emerge sees that to be is to be related. Our problem of life is not the society, but our relationships. Human intellect is always separative, fearful, and actions based on this intellect always brings conflict. Life is in movement, while thought is always limited, all thought is a response of memory, can this past meet the present ? Whenever  the ego identifies with, it creates a divide. Thought has its roots in the past, and ego fears giving up on this thought, on this known, of the past in which it seeks security.

This human intellect can never understand anything, understanding comes from observation and love is a part of this awareness, which is beyond the realm of time, or thought.

Without love, whatever you will brings more chaos. Any thought without love can't resolve anything. Love is the space where relative realities meet and become one.

Love: Text

Without Death, Love is not. When Love is, Death is not. Only Action is.

Love: Quote
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