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Knowledge is not intelligence Our reality is a manifestation of who we are and what we are

We have been for sometime seeing what's happening around the world, and we see that the word, symbol and color has become more important than human being. We were following up on Aryan Khan's case and we have come to see that the world is uneducated, most of the people for sure. It's the accumulation of knowledge, of the word, of the law, of the past, of regulation, which doesn't let the heart open up. The word 'drugs' has already been associated with some feeling of fear, or terror or wrong. That has happened because of the fear of the unknown, and also because of blind acceptance of authority in mind without even understanding what a substance is / does. Many will come up and say about how 'drugs' are used to generate money for illegal activities, for sure. The money from Covid vaccine and from your tax also produces gun which kills for a cause, creates pollution which kills, your very desire and identification to a nationality / law is now killing a human being. Identification to the word has created the duality, the other. Be it in religion, be it in the divisive form of structures we live in. Thousands have died in Afghanistan and many other places, we still glorify weapons and launch of some weapon, or feel proud about the weapons 'our' people have on Republic Day. We haven't changed, learned anything. We have figured out how to split atoms, how to reach to moon, how to kill with more precision, how to create another identity and divide, how to create another cause by dividing, how to call a 23 year old/ anyone 'charasi'. The violence and conditioning and image making is happening in your mind. You are living in certain concepts / illusions / verbal reality which is no reality at all. Maybe instead of looking at the boy as charasi, maybe look at the conditioning within you which doesn't let your total understanding come in. Maybe that might bring order in your life, than just escaping into something which will not bring anything to your life, but just strengthen your 'ego', because without understanding yourself whatever you think has no basis. I repeat, without understanding the self, your thinking is irrelevant. And when you'll understand yourself, you'd have the clarity. And order to get your life sorted. And in that process, you'd see the interrelationship of your life with the society. And if you are really serious, then you'd see in actuality that how stupid you have been. Attachment to law / to nation / to idea / to self has created this division. And then the misuse of the very law / concept which further divides. Knowledge is not intelligence. Love leads to intelligence, not the word. Not the image. Not the past. Not the law.

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