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What is Love?

What is Love?


It is very hard to describe love in words, we are trying to describe something from the mind, something which is beyond the realm of mind, realm of thoughts, realm of thinking and the thinker.

Love is a state of being, where the self diminishes. Consider love to be a frequency, a plane which exists. A plane of awareness, a plane of consciousness. In where there is no model. There is no concept, or thoughts. There is compassion. There is affection.

The Self is a function of the past. Love is a function of Now. Love is the starting Point of Now. When all fears, All desires, All Expectations stop, love flows. Self is a function of Ego, While Love is the function of Awareness. When there is Love, there is no center with ‘me first ‘,

or Everything can become the center.

Love is essential to be free. Without Love, Freedom can’t come. Without love, Relative realities can not become one.

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