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Right Education
Self Transformation and Consciousness Change

Understanding of Self is the beginning and end of all education.

Emerge works on the psyche of the human being for his/ her understanding of the own self, by developing the ability to observe one's own lives and relationships, to be able to think freely, and to be able to love everyone alike, beyond the physical, social and psychological differentiation which thought and time has created.

Emerge aims to take you from lower planes of consciousness to higher planes of consciousness, and it further gives you the ability to understand life in totality, and take total action towards the self, the society and the nature.

Right Education, Self Transformation and Consciousness Change: Services

Understanding of Life is Understanding of Self and its Relationship

Understanding of the Self is the beginning and end of all Education, it is within one self that the entire existence is gathered, we exist in relationships, and if there is no self knowledge, no understanding of the self with all its desires, emotions, pain, joy, instincts, misery, emotions, behavior, then life is a mess and has no significance, what is the suffering and struggle about ?

Right Education, Self Transformation and Consciousness Change: Who We Are

Ways Of Engagement

Following are the ways in which you can get engaged with us. Feel free to write to us to help us find your right place.

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Emerge Transmitter Program

Emerge transmitters work progressively on the psyche of the individual to bring a complete change. Needless to say, if you do not meet the transmitter in love, and don't live it, then you'd be at the same place where you started from. But if you live it everyday, then you'd be at an entirely different dimension.

Transmitters shall help you identify your prisons, but you are the one who has to walk. No one else can walk for you, neither your local politician, or the community you seek psychological security in or your guru, mentors or we. You have to walk.You have to live. And You have to Die. No one can do that for you.  And for that you need an understanding of Self, of Love, and of Action.

Self Realization Circles

Self Realization Circles are communities of Self Aware Individuals Coming together to understand their own selves and their life, building right virtues and understanding of the self, working on right thinking , into understanding their relationship with the universe and taking right action towards, and from it .

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Right Education and Consciousness Change through Simulations

Simulations create that safe space where human being can step out of his/ her own relative reality and roles, and can understand another individual, their life, culture, predicament, similarities and dissimilarites, and this very preception from a new awareness than previous one makes the human mind intelligent,  and free.

It is only in a relationship that we can see the entire content of our own consciousness, the conscious as well the unconscious. Simulations create perfect space for letting a human being see beyond their own self, and their own operation, reactions and responses to the situation and the moment.

Call Support

We are offering Support Consultation Calls for Guidance and Support on understanding of Self and its relationship with the world, one's motivations, fears, desires, emotions and psyche to have a good mental health, and healthy social and professional relationships.

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Right Education, Self Transformation and Consciousness Change: What We Do
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