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Understanding what I am and Who I am

We see that Self Knowledge is the most important form of education for any basis of right thought. Without understanding oneself, thinking has no basis. 
We Exist in Relationships, and not because we think we are, and not in isolation.  To relate, one needs understanding of the self because understanding of relationships or Society starts with the understanding of the Self.

Self: What We Do

Our Observation

We at Emerge see that Intelligence is a function of both Intellectual Harmony and Emotional Harmony, and the purpose of any or all education is to prepare the individual to be able to find order within, without.
We See that life is unknown, in movement, and every moment is new, while our minds are conditioned to knowledge, ideas, identities, ideoligies, past images of hurt and pleasure, separative ambitions and desires and this identification by the human mind makes him/her not only conflicted but the mind dull, and fearful. And from this identification to the past comes any conflict in the mind of the individual, and hence, in his/her relationships, and hence in the society.

Self: Text

Only when the Self transforms is when the society transforms, your every-day relationship is the society. Transformation can only happen of what is, and not of what you wish to be. So start from where you are, understand yourself, moment to moment, and the only work from there you can do is on yourself.  Not by creating ideas ( which will eventually bring conflict), but by acting, moment to moment, in love.

Self: Quote
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