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Self Realization Circles

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Self Realization Circles are communities of Self Aware Individuals Coming together to understand their own selves and their life, building right virtues and understanding of the self, working on right thinking , into understanding their relationship with the universe and taking right action towards, and from it .

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Self Realization Circles: What We Do

What We Do

Suffering and Joy are both part of living, but it is the human mind which further increases one and decreases the other. There is a lot of suffering today in the world during Covid Times. This time and space creates images in the conscious and unconscious which further makes up the mind of the human being  .Competition and increased expectations and non clarity in future is faced by youth and parents  and this needs renewed minds today. We have also seen the recent case of Suicides, escapism through alcohol or drugs, video games, mechanical phone browsing, unregulated content on social media and all this  further conditions the mind, for that content comes from the conditioned mind . Meeting these challenges requires right guidance, love and understanding of and for the self while also creating a space where human beings can feel safe to be honest to share about their lives and desires, about their feelings and ambitions. Individuals  are losing the ability to relate, while also creating their own separate illusory realities, and becoming introvert by living in isolation or limited to certain known friends from childhood where they feel comfortable, moving away from nature, from family, from the society and community, from responsibility,from love and from action.


Safe space

Free and True Communication

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Community of Free Individuals

Self Realization Circles: What We Do
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