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Simulation and Consciousness

Relationships and situations show us who we are, our reactions and responses come from who we are. Let's find out who we really are, and who we shouldn't really be.

We at Emerge see that Intelligence is a function of both Intellectual Harmony and Emotional Harmony, and purpose of any or all education is to prepare the individual, to be able to find order within, without.

We see that Life is unknown, in movement, and every moment is new, while our minds are conditioned to knowledge, ideas, identities, ideologies, past images of hurt and separative ambitions and desires and this identification by human mind makes him/her not only conflicted, but the mind dull, and fearful. And from this identification to the past comes any conflict in the mind of the individual, and hence in his /her relationships, and hence in the society.

Simulations create that safe space where human being can step out of his/ her own relative reality and roles, and can understand another individual, their life, culture, predicament, similarities and dissimilarites, and this very preception from a new awareness than previous one makes the human mind intelligent,  and free.

It is only in a relationship that we can see the entire content of our own consciousness, the conscious as well the unconscious. Simulations create perfect space for letting a human being see beyond their own self, and their own operation, reactions and responses to the situation and the moment.

Simulations also give the opportunity to step out of space time and to see where the self with its current decision making shall take, and where would the self be not in order in the total flow of goodness which is undivided in nature.


Approach Methodology and Outcomes

Following are the three linear stages which work together on the individual/group .  We have also mentioned the methods used during the process, and the intended outcomes. If you want to learn more or engage, feel free to reach out to us.


Understanding of Self and Planes of Consciousness through Right Education

Self Inquiry, Psycho-Social Identity Mapping and Communication

  • Understanding of Oneself

  • Right thinking

  • Heightened Discriminative Awareness

  • Understanding Existence

Understanding Relationship and Society

Relationship Simulations

  • Empathy Building

  • Heightened Discriminative Awareness

  • Sensitivity,Self Expression, Problem Solving

  • Right Behavior


Understanding Action, Total Action, Right Action through Action

Workshops, Social Work, Project Design, Community Service, Climate Action, Exchange Programs, Community Living

  • Intelligent and Complete Individuals

  • Peaceful Society, community building

  • Consciousness  Change, Problem Solving and Right Action

  • Harmony and order within, without.

Contact us to find out how we can help you, feel free to reach out to know more as to how the process is. Let's Emerge Together .

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