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What We Do?

What we do is we offer our being and presence, and help bring consciousness, awareness and love into Action.

An action which comes from the mind is based on measurement, and estimation, but life is infinite. Knowledge derived from experience always limits the response, because response has to happen in the present, and knowledge always has its root in the past. All knowledge, ideals, traditions, laws, nations, institutions,  hence-by have failed to bring order into the world. Do we need a law to change ourselves? Intellect has no place in understanding and change.

We bring that regeneration factor into the psyche of the human being where they meet life fresh, with clear perception, where the human being is free to inquire and understand and respond to life by being one, by not creating problems or ideologies or time or contradiction.

We enable them to think freely and act, and respond moment to moment, in goodness, in intelligence, and in love, living in harmony and order.

We work with human beings who play the role of youth or elders, or have identified themselves with Nationalities, Religions, Communities, or Who come together under some cause or belief or interest. We are all the same psychologically, what divides us is the identification to a thought, to a role , to  nationality, to a religion, to an interest, to the biological age, or a label or any identity. Essentially we are all the same. There is no essential difference between the old and the young.  Both are slaves to their desires and gratifications.

  Emerge works on Total Action on and with Human beings so that they don't approach at life, relationships and Action from a divisive and fragmented mind. The Root of All Problems is the mind, and psychologically we are all the same. I am the world, and the world is me.

Action is. Total Action is. When there is a subject object differentiation, then action becomes fragmented and adds to disorder. In True Action, there is no division between actor and what is being acted upon.

What we Do ?: What We Do

How Can We Help?

Following are ways in which we see we can help you. But love presence and help have nothing to do with structures. So feel free to write to us and we shall be happy to serve and help find the true place for you.

Please do not feel restrained if you don't know the right method of engagement for yourself or for someone with us. All you can simply do is to click the 'contact us' button and reach out to us.  If you need an urgent help, reach out to us through urgent Response button.


Self Transformation, Right Education and Consciousness Change

Emerge works on the psyche of the human being for his/ her understanding of the own self, by developing the ability to observe one's own lives and relationships, to be able to think freely, and to be able to love everyone alike, beyond the physical, social and psychological differentiation which thought and time has created.

Emerge aims to take you from lower planes of consciousness to higher planes of consciousness, and it further gives you the ability to understand life in totality, and take total action towards the self, the society and the nature.

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Action - Relate and Response

Emerge works with the human beings who perform the role of Youth, Elder, NGOs, Communities, Governments, Businesses, different nationalities, religious groups and help them to build the right virtue within him/her, so that when they plays any of these roles, it is a total action one takes, and not a divisive action coming only from identification to the role.This emerged renewed  human being then acts towards   Ending Global Hunger, Preventing Climate Change, Finding Right Livelihood, Peace, Order, and Harmony, Right Education, Right Relationships and Changing in the Present which shall become the Future.

You can also visit our past work and hear from human beings who have been at Emerge. Please use the following buttons.

What we Do ?: Services
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