Model UN  and Self : Workshop on understanding the nature and structure  of Society with students at the Montfort School, New Delhi

November 30, 2020

Our Founder Mr. Devesh Gupta conducted a Workshop on the theme Model UN and Self : Understanding the Nature and structure of Society, with 85 students and 2 Faculty Members from Montfort School New Delhi .

The Session started with Mr. Devesh inquiring into the nature of the self, and of the society which we have made, the nature of power, the forms of civilization we have lived in for thousands of years, foreign policy.

The Session further inquired into the nature of identification, and as to how an idea divides.

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Video from the Workshop

Here is the video from the workshop. We hope that this video can be used by human beings to not only understand the society, but also in understanding of themselves as human beings. We further hope that this video brings change into the very psyche of the human being and leads him to Right Action towards the self, society and nature alike.


Feedback Session

Hear from the teachers and students about their experience with Emerge