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Understanding Action at Emerge

We at Emerge see that problems exist on a psychological plane of reality, and manifests into the physical reality, in our relationships and interaction within, and without. We see that a change is needed in the very psyche of the human being, so that there is a complete change, and not a temporary modification. 

On the psychological plane,  identification to the past knowledge, to the ambition, to pleasure, to security, remembrance of past, to the thought which is  response of memory creates the problem. The identification to the self, to the image of the group, nationality, religion, belief, an idea has created division. The situation of us and them. And that not only creates disorder within oneself, but also in his /her relationships with other individuals which is the society. Identification to Values and ideologies of Nationalism, Non Violence, Different religions, to the idea of justice, to the policy of reservation has not brought about order in the society.

Understanding of the Self and its relationships flowers mindfulness, intelligence, love and understanding, and creates order and harmony. And understanding has nothing to do with intellectual analysis.  Understanding is of the realm of Presence, while Intellectual analysis is always happening from the past, in the realm of time, interpreting the present in the past image of the known .

In a family of four people there is no order, today majority of families can't sit together and think freely, there is no real freedom and communion within the household too. The four people who identify with each other the most over other identities are not able to bring order into their relationship. Two people who say they absolutely love each other are not able to bring order into their relationship. There is no integration in our relationships, but superficial cooperation for self interests till they are satisfying. This is what is happening in relationships of individuals, be it at their work, or at home.

Government is nothing but reflection of the psyche of people.

Government Action across the world is the same. Myanmar, Afghanistan, Yemen, Rwanda  are factually and historically great examples to take a peek into how your behavior of acting only for self interest till you are being satisfied creates disorder into your relationships and in the entire world.

How do we bring order into this world? Action based on convenience, and for Satisfaction is no Response. True action comes from understanding of the responsibility in a relationship which comes from observation of the relationship. Responsibility comes from the word 'respond', which means 'to respond' 'wholly', not 'partially'. 

Responsibility today has become irresponsible. Through observation and  understanding this irresponsibility in our relationships emerges understanding of responsibility.  And this responsibility is not partial, or of one's family or community , but of the whole . We are responsible for entire world. Our identification to some as family and a selective and partial response/reaction has created this disorder into the world.

Psychologically we are all the same, you might feel that you are different from someone else, or that the psyche of one individual is different from the rest, but actuality is every human being is the whole psyche of the humankind. On this actuality various cultures, governments, ( product of thoughts) have put illusion that each individual is different ( or similar only to the identified culture /nation). This illusion has become reality, and has further fragmented the mind of the human being, and this identification to the fragment leads to division,  contradiction, conflict, and war.  We human beings might be different in measurement of weight, skin tone, height..physically, biologically, but psychologically, you are the world.

Emerge works on removing these impediments which prevent free thinking and right action by the individual at life, moment to moment, creating order, meeting life fresh and not bringing division or hurt.

And from that plane of consciousness, this renewed  human being acts towards Ending Global Hunger, Preventing Climate Change, Finding Right Livelihood, Peace, Order, and Harmony, and Changing in the Present which shall become the Future

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