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About Eternal Movement

Enter into a Space of Love, Awareness and the Sacred Divine

Authored by our Founder, Devesh Gupta, Eternal Movement is a holistic exploration and Inquiry into Self-Help, Spirituality, Psychology, Society, Conflicts and Division, Relationships, Right and Transformative Education, Consciousness and Embodiment, Consciousness-Change, Self-transformation, Love, Mindfulness, Compassion and Action.

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Book Reviews

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At a time of seemingly deepening divisions across the world — political, social, cultural, economic — as well as heightened personal angst on so many fronts, heightened by these divisions, Devesh Gupta's reflections resonate strongly with my own attempts at sifting through the morass that surrounds us, even as we try not to succumb to pessimism or despair.
Eternal Movement is a necessary reminder that we have, as human beings, experienced these challenges in diverse forms since time immemorial, and will continue to experience these challenges eternally. It's part and parcel of our very existence, although the intensity may wax and wane.
This collection of thoughts, emotions and observations is also a reminder that ultimately the human spirit is resilient, capable of absorbing all that is thrown at it, and not only surviving but surmounting and triumphing.
I am grateful that Devesh took the time to put all of this down — to share with the wider world and in so doing give voice to what so many are going through in one way or another, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion or any other identifiers.
Indeed, the book seeks to underscore what connects rather than divides us — and in so doing restores our faith in ourselves as deeply flawed but yet remarkable entities, capable of reflection, renewal and resurgence.

Roy Wadia
Regional Communications Chief, WHO, Europe;
Global Media, Communications and Advocacy, United Nations

Naresh Singh.png

Eternal movement is a unique book in the realm of spiritual books because it is not based on intellectual understanding alone but much more in the author's own experience. This allows the book to be used for, by others to help chart their own path to self-realisation. I have invited the author to take some classes and guide my students along the path.

Naresh Singh, Ph.D.
Professor and Executive Dean, Jindal School of Government and Public Policy; Director, Centre for Complexity Economics, Applied Spirituality and Public Policy;
Co-Director, Centre for Legal Empowerment of the Poor


This book, Eternal Movement, authored by Devesh, takes the reader on a profound journey of self-reflection, prompting them to deeply analyse and reconsider their habits and life choices. It's incredibly eye-opening and transformative, and effectively guides the reader towards self-discovery and growth. The emphasis on learning and unlearning has been particularly impactful, as it encourages one to critically assess and modify their behaviours and objectively view life, relationships and love. Additionally, the focus on self-awareness and mindfulness forces one to take a pause and reflect on their mundane routines and life decisions. It provides a unique opportunity to enter into a space of love and awareness, fostering a deeper connection with oneself and the world around us. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who seeks a path of self-awareness, spiritual growth, and cognitive consonance.

Kgalalelo Gaebee
Communications Officer, CIVICUS

Gayatri Luthra.jpg

Devesh's writings provide a transformative journey toward deeper understanding and self-discovery. With compassion, empathy, and wisdom beyond his years, he effortlessly connects with readers of all ages and perspectives. Through his observations, Devesh challenges us to break free from past conditioning and fully embrace the present moment, fostering genuine relationships devoid of identification and division. His work is compelling, insightful, and thought-provoking, offering a refreshing perspective on love, freedom, and contemporary living. His words have personally transformed my relationships, particularly his insight: 'There can't be a true relationship when there is identification with one's desires, ambitions, and ideas.' His following words made me think about how beautiful a world it would be if we just took a lesson from the following: 'True communication and communion are possible when there is freedom to inquire and move forward together, without identifying with a particular belief, interest, cause, identity, nation, religion, or idea.'
Devesh's observations on living in the present deeply resonate: 'Every moment is new, and hence what's remembered from the previous moment might not hold true in this moment.' His perspective on freedom as the ability to act rightly by understanding and negating external and internal influences is enlightening. But my favourite part is his profound statement: 'Love, and be loved, and let love do what it does, for love is the only movement which is eternal and true.' In these tumultuous times, his book offers a way of love devoid of all binding identities, presenting an opportunity for happiness in contemporary living.

Gayatri Luthra
Luthra and Luthra Law Offices

Carl Golembeski.png

Devesh is one of my most valued colleagues. This lifelong path of cultivating that space within us where we can behave in accord with our values is his gift. Devesh has a unique way to express the mechanics of our human predicament in ways that we are invited to look at them with love and a compassionate stance. This work for me carries on the legacy of great luminaries of the not so distant past. An educational mashup of the spirit as if Ram Dass and J Krishnamurti had woven their consciousness.

Carl Golembeski
Founder, Akroatic Foundation;
Sound Artist and Vocal FX Engineer

Christina Deng.png

Embarking on the journey with Eternal Movement has been truly transformative for me. It has expanded my worldview, allowing me to transcend labels such as being South Sudanese or a girl, and instead embrace a vision of unity and interconnectedness. Additionally, it has enriched my studies of international relations, providing insights into the nature of thought, idea, and conflict within the mind and society. From this work, I've learned to embody love and presence, shedding any sense of competition and embracing a deeper understanding of self. This newfound awareness has significantly impacted my performance as an International basketball player, bringing about a radical change in my game. I wholeheartedly encourage you to embark on this journey with Eternal Movement, where you can experience a profound shift in consciousness that will positively influence your relationships, actions and overall well-being.

Agul Christina Deng
South Sudan Women's National Basketball Team


This exceptional book, Eternal Movement, invites you to dive into the present moment, question your beliefs, and embrace change. Coming from a world of peak performance and competition, I see the beauty in this book, which guides you towards self-discovery, overcoming fears, and experiencing a state of flow. And a pure joy of competing together to push each other into this feeling. Does it truly suggest no competition in life or a unique approach to competition? See, I got challenged on the core of my being. And that's what I love about this book. Prepare to be deeply challenged in your thought processes by this remarkable book, offering you a profound connection to the core of your being.

Julia Dujmovits
Olympic Gold Medalist Snowboard;
Lifecoach and Speaker

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