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Our Objectives

Networking and Collaboration

Forge connections with individuals and organisations sharing our vision, fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and collective action for holistic advancement.

Research and Innovation

Conduct interdisciplinary research generating evidence-based insights to inform policy development, exploring innovative approaches to address complex societal challenges.

Knowledge Dissemination

Utilise diverse platforms for dissemination, including publications, multimedia, and educational resources, empowering individuals to shape societal discourse and engage in informed decision-making.

Advocacy and Public Engagement

Actively engage in advocacy efforts, raising awareness and mobilising support for policies aligned with our vision through public engagement and dialogue facilitation.

Community Empowerment

Collaborate with communities to co-create bottom-up policies reflecting local needs, fostering inclusive and participatory decision-making processes through capacity-building and skill-sharing initiatives.

Objectives and What We Do: Projects

What We Do

The Focus of Our Efforts

Knowledge, Research and Education

The Knowledge and Education work stream of the SSP network has the following objectives:

1. Conduct joint research at the intersection of science, applied spirituality, and policy applications. This includes collaborating on papers, presenting at conferences, organizing seminars within and outside the network, and producing edited books.
2. Engage with communities, particularly schools, colleges, and universities, to develop programs that promote a new education paradigm based on wisdom thinking or principles.
3. Encourage members to participate in overall network activities or specific ongoing research projects. Initially, some research projects have been discussed between interested scholars and the SSP network, which will evolve into ongoing collaborative works. This stream also invites regular presentations of research projects or educational initiatives pursued by members, fostering a deeper and more fruitful collective endeavor.

Social Practice

The Social Practice work stream of the SSP network has the following objectives:

  1. To support, encourage, and build the capacity of policymakers and senior public servants to incorporate spiritual wisdom into public policy decision-making.

  2. To work with communities in villages to learn how their spiritual values can be integrated into public policy.

  3. Form relevant partnerships, advocacy programs, and documentation to achieve the first two objectives.

    We propose to collaborate with like-minded organizations that have well-established grassroots programs for community outreach, as well as think tanks and other entities with access to public policy practitioners. In close collaboration with our Knowledge work stream, we will develop various teaching modules for universities and colleges, workshops for civil society groups, and short courses for public servants. Lessons learned from our community-level work will inform our training courses and advocacy efforts with policymakers, and vice versa—insights gained from our work with policymakers will enhance our community initiatives.

    Our initial fieldwork will begin in India and Thailand.

Objectives and What We Do: Projects

Ways We Help

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Programs and Initiatives

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Objectives and What We Do: Projects
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