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Feel from their Experience

Truth, beauty and creation do not require validation, but someone's true experience can give an insight if you meet it with sensitivity and love.

Ms. Nitisha Sharma

Emerge transmitter program has been a life altering journey to say the least. I remember being a student and being engaged deeply in my studies. It brought about a unique focus and discipline that ensured lightness in being. As a participant at Emerge, I relived the journey of being a student as I sat down to deeply study myself each time- learning to look, observe and contemplate. I am able to reach memories whose existence was long forgotten. Knowing what truly drives me or my engagement with anything that I consider mine or foreign helped me break past the concept that typically clouds the thinking. The customized consultation calls in parallel helped me to further dig deeper into my thoughts and identify my attachments.
With clarity and space in my mind, I was prepared to imbibe the series of transmitter documents that opened my eyes to the reality behind the reality. For someone who took a first glimpse at understanding the self and the true nature of love, the transmitters painted a story that spoke to my heart. This new understanding of life has helped me excel in my personal relationships and professional experiences with a joy that acknowledges the importance of everything and nothing at the same time- enabling me to put my best foot forward each time.
Extremely well-structured and a deeply thought out program, Emerge addresses the crux of our dilemmas and sufferings as an individual and as a society. I highly recommend working with Devesh and team Emerge to experience the true meaning of life which simplifies all other aspects (e.g., personal, societal, professional) and prepares you to face any situation.

Ms. Nitisha Sharma - Associate - McKinsey & Company MA USA


In March 2020, I was fortunate enough to meet one of the greatest teachers, whom I refer to, as Mr. Devesh. He has taught me a lot, from being self conscious to being selfless.

I remember a class with Mr. Devesh where I had to make a draft resolution to be presented at my University Model UN Paper ( Queens University of Charlotte), and my topic was on LGBTQI Communities. In my research I learned about how LGBTQI community has been treated all these years and they were never accepted in the society .

I have learned from Mr. Devesh that we shouldn't divide us as I, she, her, mine, yours. We should think of ourselves as one and that's the way people can together move forward. So I am blessed enough to go through the training with Mr. Devesh for 30 + hours with him, and it was such a great experience with him. There were certain times when I wouldn't understand something, but Mr. Devesh was able to take a step back and gave such beautiful examples to make me see it.

And I will say he is one of the greatest, I have crossed paths with.

Ms. Christina Deng - South Sudan Women's National Basketball Team

 Maria Papatheodorou_edited.jpg

The first time Devesh and I worked together was about a year ago at a FOGGS event. I remember how we started talking about the big questions of our society almost immediately. I knew then that this is a human with a lot of knowledge and many thoughts, which I very much admire. Ever since I have had the enjoyment to participate in various panels very nicely organized by the Emerge team and Devesh, about these big question issues in our system and society. These discussions are always fruitful and engage the mind, troubling one to always wanting to find a solution. The people one meets are from all over the world, which I believe is one of the most important qualities a panel discussion can have, because it allows to understand the complexity of the issue at hand, by engaging different perspectives to it. I am very greatful to have had these experiences and look very much forward to continue thinking together with all these human beings.

Ms. Maria Papatheodorou - Founder - Fridays For Future Greece

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-02 at 8_edited.png

Emerge has not been a class or a workshop, instead it has been an indelible experience. It was an experience which taught me to leave being Veraj, leave being an Indian, leave being a boy and see the world without any biases and feelings, to see it as it is. Not only it transformed my thinking but I think it made me a better person as I saw and understood the world through the eyes of others around me. The concepts of space, time, reality took time to comprehend and understand but once nourished changed how I looked at the world. Emerge makes you rise to a different level of understanding. It teaches you to leave this materialistic world behind and cherish true happiness. The complexity is simplified and beautifully explained by Devesh sir which makes Emerge connect and relate. Overall Emerge makes you mindful, compassionate and true to the world around you, which I think is the need of the hour.

Mr. Veraj Goel - Student - The Doon School Dehradun


It is said that a good mentor will provide you with knowledge, but a great mentor will provide you with perspective. Working with Devesh sir and having the privilege of being under his ever present mentorship has shown to me the truth of this saying. In him, one will find an exacting, but nevertheless a benevolent human.
One particularly unique and inventive quality that I have found in sir is that he never preaches out information in the traditional sense, where the conversation is one sided. Rather, his method is one of a participative conversation, where I have been able to reach to the information via his guidance and hence, better understand the nuance of it. Rather than just getting to know a fact, I got to know the process behind the fact by this process. This, in my experience, have proved invaluable to me.
I first met Devesh sir during the formative years of my youth, and it is no stretch to say that his wisdom has played an invaluable part in my growth  throughout the years. I have gained a great deal from working with him, and I intend to continue learning and navigating through life with him as a guiding torch.
The majority of my professional ethics and etiquette can be traced back to my observations of him while we were working together, and I am grateful to have discovered someone who has not only served as a teacher, but also an elder brother to me.

Mr. Kartikey Baid - Student- National Law School Jodhpur

Testimonials: Testimonials

Mr. Ayush Tanwar

Communication and Conversations becoming Debate : An Inquiry into the nature and structure of Communication and the Self, with University Students at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies Department of Law
Emerge Model United Nations Conference 2020

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From The Montfort School New Delhi,  Faculty Members and Students November 30, 2020

Model UN  and Self : Workshop on understanding the nature and structure  of Society with students at the Montfort School, New Delhi

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Mr. Shwetang Parthsarthy

At Emerge Model United Nations Conference 2020

Testimonials: Video
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