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Restore our Earth - Emerge Panel Discussion

Restore our Earth - Emerge Panel Discussion

About the Panel The Panel Discussion is centred around the theme ‘Restore our Earth’, and aim of the panel is to collectively inquire into the nature of our relationship with the Earth, with the Nature, with Each Other, and to understand what actions can be taken in the present towards restoring / or towards a new Earth. Panel discussion seeks to enquire into the nature of consciousness of the individual and society, and to find out ways to move forward other than using temporary modifications of law, and policy which hasn’t really restored the earth. Further Panel Discussion aims to find out the root problem, which prevents this environment consciousness from emerging. Moderator - Devesh Gupta Devesh Gupta is currently based out of New Delhi, India and is the founder at Emerge. Devesh Gupta holds a graduate degree in Law from University School of Law and Legal Studies, Delhi while having finished his schooling from Modern School Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. Devesh has been involved in promoting Peace Education, and developing Discriminative Awareness through Self Transformation and Action, by direct classroom interventions through conducting workshops on psycho-socio themes at different schools and universities across the globe . Devesh deeply believes in unconditional love, collective consciousness and action to be the centrality of existence and conducts self transformation and awareness building workshops and simulations to work on the themes of Consciousness and Self Realisation, Nuclear Disarmament, Climate Action and Access to Quality Education with various communities, individuals and organisations across the globe. Devesh deeply enjoys listening to Dire Straits, and Pink Floyd, while spending time with his family, and at the mountains. Key Note Speaker - Ms. Giorgina King , South Africa Giorgina King is a Programme Manager at a non-profit 'action-tank', aimed at employment creation and economic growth in Palestine, and employment creation and economic inclusion for marginalised groups in Israel. Giorgina has over a decade of work experience across non-profits, social enterprises, consulting, and government focusing on gender justice, the green economy, livelihood creation, liveable cities, and the tech sector. With a background in socio-environmental history, applied economics, and sustainable development, Giorgina's passion for this work is through a combination of applied research and catalytic projects aimed at systemic change. Giorgina believes the beauty in development work is in the increasingly integrative interdisciplinary systems approach to building solutions for a better world. Previously President of the World Student Environmental Network, Giorgina has witnessed the impact of awareness in action through forms of environmental education. She is excited to witness and participate in shifts in formalised and disruptive education through the integration of consciousness-raising, deep ecology, biomimicry, behaviour science, socio-environmental justice, and re-wilding. Guest Speaker - Mr. Emmanuel Lobijo, South Sudan Emmanuel Lobijo, South Sudanese, a social entrepreneur and an Activist, founder and Executive Director Junub Open Space a technology information and innovation hub, Team54project international coordinator a group of youth driving Climate Action, and Ambassador for Youth for Planet 🌏 and a volunteer at @EatBCH_SS Green ticket recipients for First UN Youth Climate summit 2019. And a Global Youth Biodiversity Network South Sudan Director. Currently working on #PlantBCH 🌿 a regenerative project with a target 🎯 to plant a forest in South Sudan and to tag on Blockchain and people can own it Digitally. He is passionate about Nature, People and transformation Panellist 1. Uswa e Zainab, Pakistan Uswa e Zainab is a social media and climate change activist based in Pakistan. She's currently in grade 10th in her GCEs, and is a part of a number of national and international organizations working to stem climate change. Uswa is passionate about debating and writing, strives to show to the world the positive side of Pakistsn, and has won multiple international essay competitions. She is also spokesperson and ambassador to organizations in her country which are working to reduce gender inequality in the field of technology. Uswa aspires to stem digital divide and work for technology justice in her community to ensure just globalization for all. 2. Aadya Gupta, India Aadya Gupta is 15-years-old and a student in grade 11 at Modern School Barakhamba Road, New Delhi, India. She is currently studying political science with economics and psychology. She is extremely passionate about using her voice, especially when it comes to bringing change and increasing awareness regarding pressing issues in society like the environment, it’s conservation, sustainable development etc. Her interests apart from academics include, debating, participating in Model United Nations conferences, reading, writing articles, dancing and swimming. She thoroughly enjoys travelling, meeting new people and exploring diverse cultures. She wishes to further study International relations and public policy in order to help make an impact in society. 3. MUWANGA LIDRINE, Uganda Lidrine Muwanga is a senior two student aged 15 years schooling at Makerere college Kampala Uganda. She is also a beneficiary of AfricaEli both under the teens Voice and the Wellbeing club where students discover and unlock their talents. She is good at engaging with other youth from different backgrounds and communities which has built her conference in diverse interactions and communication. She cares about nature because it through nature that we all exist. 4.Ahoora Jenab Zadeh, Iran Born Iranian, Raised Indian & currently pseudo-Malaysian, Ahoora is a law graduate with over 6 years of MUN experience under his belt. He is a strong advocate for social discourse in resolving global issues and lives by the words, "United We Stand, Divided We Fall " in the quest toward a world we can all sustainably live in. 5. Yvonne Nabawanga Uganda Nabawanga Yvonne is a senior two student from Uganda. She is a beneficiary of the Africa ELI Wellbeing club which unlocks young people’s potential through mindfulness activities and the use of art. Previously, she has represented Uganda under the inclusive consultation for girls ' wellbeing under Femrite. She aspires for an inclusive environment where all people can participate in mitigating the effects of climate change and by doing so, she takes the responsibility to inspire others to live in a more green community. 6. Maria Papatheodorou, Greece Maria Papatheodorou is a greek activist. She founded FFF Greece in February 2019 and has also been working with refugees for the past two year as a teacher in German and English. She has now finished Highschool and continues going to university at TUM school and governance in Munich, Germany for political sciences. 7. Kishan Buxani Malaysia Kishan is a Diploma in Business graduate, currently pursuing his undergraduate in Political Science in Malaysia. He has worked at UNICEF Malaysia apart from volunteering for social work. Kishan was the Secretary General of Asia World Model United Nations III. He was also the former Secretary General for Penang Model United Nations in 2018 where his team and him organised the biggest conference in the Northern Region of Malaysia. He has achieved a several number of awards during his time of MUN. Kishan has delivered a number of keynote speeches at various events locally and internationally. Besides, Kishan was also a Malaysian Youth Representative to the Commonwealth Youth Dialogue in 2019. He was the youth representative at Asia Pacific Urban Forum 2019 where he delivered the Youth Address to all stakeholders.
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