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Pandemos International Youth Conference 2021, and Pandemos Action Initiative 2021

January 23 - January 24 2021

Pandemos International Youth Conference 2021 was hosted by Pandemos, Science Communication Organization born out of University of Toronto, in partnership with Emerge, based out of India, KnowScience, a USA non nonprofit, science promotion organization, Victoria University Australia, Women in Science Society, Sydney University, Australia, and VU Stem Club, Australia.   

Pandemos International Youth Conference is aimed at gathering youth from across the world to discuss topics of national and international interest pertaining to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and creating plans for action.

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Pandemos International Youth Conference: Event

Pandemos Action Initiative

Talk on Action, by Emerge at Pandemos International Youth Conference, Pandemos, University of Toronto, 24th January 2021

Our founder Mr. Devesh Gupta spoke to the students on Action, Source of Action, Total Action against fragmented Action, Concept of Psychological Time, Relationship of Self and Consciousness to Action, and Order.  The discussion was intended to bring awareness to the students before they initiate their action plans towards COVID 19 Pandemic Relief,  so that the action they take comes from a place of awareness and intelligence and not a separative / conditioned mind.

Pandemos International Youth Conference: Video
Pandemos International Youth Conference: Pro Gallery
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