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Eternal Movement ( Paperback)

Eternal Movement ( Paperback)

We are all seeking happiness, joy, peace, endless gratification and permanent pleasure. But why do you experience suffering in your daily life and relationships? Why does a human being fear? Why are we attached to objects, people, and ideas? Is there a free choice? Do we truly love? Is there a God? Does life have a purpose or meaning? Despite seeking answers and support from psychologists, gurus, therapies, sacred books, psychedelics and various meditation techniques, why haven’t we changed? Why are we still in sorrow, misery and confusion? Who is going to help us? Why does lasting peace seem unattainable? Why do conflicts persist in our relationships? Can wars ever end? Are we all one consciousness? 


Psychologically, human beings are similar. We all suffer, want to be loved, avoid pain, and the majority of us identify. Our beliefs, hopes, and ideas have not brought peace to our inner and outer worlds. We hope for peace in our minds, relationships, and society, but it remains distant.


Eternal Movement is a step-by-step inquiry into our psyche—conscious, subconscious, and the entirety of consciousness—exploring the mind and the society it has created. It uncovers the root causes of division and conflict while observing the conditioning of our minds.


Eternal Movement is a holistic exploration and Inquiry into Self-Help, Spirituality, Psychology, Society, Conflicts and Division, Relationships, Right and Transformative Education, Consciousness and Embodiment, Consciousness-Change, Self-transformation, Love, Mindfulness, Compassion and Action.


I extend a heartfelt invitation to you, dear reader, to let go of the known and enter this space of Truth, Union, Compassion, Love and Awareness.

ISBN 9788196921262

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