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Help is a Call Away !

We do not completely know the workings of our own mind - The mind as how it is, not as it should be or as we would like it to be. The mind is the only instrument we have, the instrument with which we think and we act, which acts as the center of our being. If we do not understand that mind in operation as it is, functioning in each one of us, any problem that we are confronted with will become more complex and more destructive.

Our relationships in the world with different individuals, and different roles we perform of being a son, a daughter, a student, a consumer, a brother etc shapes our mental health. And vice versa, our mental health affects our social and personal relationships and our education and hence life in totality. 

We are offering Support Consultation Calls for Guidance and Support on understanding of Self and its relationship with the world, one's motivations, fears, desires, emotions and psyche to have a good mental health, and healthy social and professional relationships.

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Call Support: What We Do
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