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Children's UNSDG Forum 2020

Reinforcing our Commitment

Children's SDG Forum began as an idea discussed between Mr. Devesh Gupta from Emerge, and  Mr. Keshav Gupta from The Dais to bring children from across the globe together to discuss and act towards UNSDGs during the onset of COVID 19 Pandemic. Children's SDG Forum was organized by Emerge and The Dais in Partnership with Fridays for Future  International, UN75 Campaign .

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Children's UNSDG Forum 2020: Service

Children's SDG Forum 2020

We hosted an 8 hour long Children's SDG Forum on 17th July in New Delhi. It is one of the hardest things to put together because we had Adam join in from Bangkok, Shreya From Delhi, Sharib from Lucern and Sergio from Bolivia join in for a conversation including some complex ideas of multilateralism, problems with status quo and how to move forward for a more equal world. We are so fortunate that we could maintain the honesty of the conversation and it turned out to be one of the most fascinating couple of hours where we were also trying to rap, sing and just be our usual selves being passionate about work but also about each other as human beings. Soon the conversation merged into a beautiful discussion including books and authors and journeys and helped everyone get out of their perceived structures and really just be themselves.
One of our biggest learnings from this who experience was that if you hold on to your value systems, you will find the right friends, allies and collaborators.
A big big thank you Adam Sharpe, Sharib A Ali, Shreya Baruah, Sergio Arispe for creating one of most meaningful discussions and we are deeply resolved to continue to move this culture forward with you guys in the future.

Children's UNSDG Forum 2020: Video
Children's UNSDG Forum 2020: Pro Gallery
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