Commemorating 45th Anniversary of June 16, 1976

In partnership with June 16 Development Foundation, Nelson Mandela Children's Fund, REPSSI and South Africa Human Rights Commission

June 16 Development Foundation in partnership with Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund, Emerge, SA Human Rights Commission and REPSSI is commemorating the 45th Anniversary of June 16 1976.
June 16 marks an important date not only for the history of Soweto, but of humankind at large.
To protect, preserve and promote the significance of our history which evolves into our present, we invite you to join us on the 16th June to become a part of the present, and history, and to shape our future together.
June 16 Commemoration shall see a set of different actions being taken by June 16 Development Foundation and its partner organisations towards Protecting, Preserving and Promoting the Values, Virtues, and Victories, History and Heritage of 1976 consciously leading to Peace, Youth Development, Active Youth Citizenry, Human Rights and Social Justice, and School and Education Support.


June 16, 1976 45th Anniversary Commemoration

For more information, please download the Day's itinerary from here


Listen to Mr. Seth Mazibuko

Here is the vision which Mr. Seth Mazibuko sees for June 16, and the Youth of South Africa.