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Devesh Gupta

Deputy Lead

Devesh Gupta is an educator and a passionate advocate for consciousness-change, self-transformation, peace education, and sustainable development.

He has participated in initiatives focusing on consciousness-change, self-transformation, peace, non-violence, and education with various universities, including Stanford University, and has conducted workshops at the University of Toronto, Queens University of Charlotte, OP Jindal University Haryana, Delhi University, University of South Pacific and the University of Malaya. Additionally, He has been involved in sustainable development projects with the State Governments of Haryana, Delhi, and Uttarakhand in India, as well as agencies and programs of the United Nations such as UNESCO, UNICEF, and UNDP.

Devesh has presented his views on climate change at UNCCD COP 14, the International Civil Society's Week 2017, The World Assembly 2017 held in Fiji, and on self-transformation and consciousness-change at The Turning Point Summit 2022 and the 6th Psycho Social Support Forum, South Africa 2021. Drawing from his firsthand experiences witnessing terrorist acts in Afghanistan, observing the effects of climate change in Fiji, working with refugees in Southeast Asia, and engaging with students at Buddhist monasteries in Nepal, his impactful journey spans continents which threads love, awareness, compassion, education, human-thinking, psychology, consciousness-change, self-transformation, spirituality, and peace with human rights, disarmament, and sustainable development.

For over 10 years, Devesh has been engaging with students, parents, policymakers, and educators, aiming to dismantle the barriers of conditioning that breed conflict in everyday relationships and society, fostering the awakening of intelligence. Devesh envisions a world where individuals recognize their shared consciousness and act with goodness and peace towards the well-being of all human beings and nature. To achieve this vision, he founded Emerge in 2020 and has been working with schools and universities globally, addressing various issues.

He is the author of the book "Eternal Movement" published in 2024.

Apart from his work with Emerge, he has worked with The Dais, The International Centre for Sustainable Development, Teach for India, Earth, Fridays for Future, American Center New Delhi, and The LearningPlanet Alliance. He is also a lawyer with expertise in International Humanitarian Law and International Refugee Law.

Devesh Gupta: Our Team
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