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Dr. Sudip Patra

Head of Research and Education

Dr. Sudip Patra is an Associate Professor at the Jindal School of Government and Public Policy (JSGP), OP Jindal Global University, India. He is also a founding member of CEASP at the same institution. Dr. Patra's academic journey is marked by a distinguished educational background, having earned his PhD from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, and an M.Sc. from Coventry University, UK.

His research specialization lies in quantum-like modelling within decision theory, with a particular emphasis on its applications in economics and social sciences. This innovative framework, situated at the intersection of quantum science's foundational principles and cognitive science, offers novel insights into decision-making processes under ambiguity or 'radical uncertainty'. Dr. Patra's scholarly pursuits extend beyond conventional disciplinary boundaries, as evidenced by his exploration of the interface between Wisdom Traditions and modern scientific paradigms.

Through a prolific publication record and collaborations with leading scientists, Dr. Patra has significantly advanced our understanding of decision processes, including their implications for artificial intelligence. His recent co-authored book, "An Interdisciplinary Approach to Cognitive Modelling: A Framework Based on Philosophy and Modern Science" (Routledge, 2023), exemplifies his commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship and intellectual innovation.

Dr. Sudip Patra's multifaceted contributions illuminate novel pathways for intellectual inquiry and interdisciplinary collaboration, enriching academic discourse and fostering deeper insights into the complexities of decision-making and the convergence of traditional wisdom with contemporary scientific thought.

Dr. Sudip Patra: Our Team
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