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Remembering Baba Ram Dass, Commemorating 2nd Death Anniversary
A Tribute Event hosted by Emerge, in association with Sacred Community Project

December 22, 2021

Emerge, in association with Sacred Community Project hosted a space where friends, families, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, sports-persons, social and political activists, musicians, seekers came together to Remember Baba Ram Dass and Discuss and Inquire into the Nature of Consciousness, Love, Self, Action, Service, Death, Flow and Time. Purpose of the event was to transcend the boundaries which our thought has created as identities, and to be able to love and in that loving, Remembering and Honoring Baba Ram Dass, and Neem Karoli Maharaj, and Humanity at large.

       Invitation Message

’ When I don’t know who I am, I serve You, When I know Who I am, I am You’

— Hanuman to Lord Ram

Remembering Baba Ram Dass, 2021

We, at Emerge have deeply realised and received the virtue, goodness and grace which has been bestowed upon us by getting and bathing in the light of love, knowledge and wisdom from Baba Ram Dass and Neem Karoli Maharaj. 

Baba Ram Dass left his body and this physical plane of reality on the 22nd December 2019, but 

where could he go? Psychological time is a thought, and date is a measure. 

Death is just another chapter closing in a book, all we need to do is to rest in our Souls, and then it all becomes part of the Leela, the Divine Manifestation. 

Baba Ram Dass says that Death is not a failure of science, but a natural inevitable step in this journey of consciousness.

It will be 2 Years of Him leaving this plane, but he has always been here. We get so lost mourning and crying and thinking of what has gone, but what needs to be understood deeply is what has remained, and what shall remain.

Ram Dass is not the body, Ram Dass is not a thought, Ram Dass is Love, Ram Dass is awareness, and awareness never dies. It is right here, so what can we do, than to remember what is true in this moment, and about this moment.

Some of the things are continuous in life, but body can’t continue, matter can’t stay in its form, impermanence is true. And then what stays is eternal. That’s where Ram Dass resides, and that is within you, there is no difference between you and Ram Dass, Ram Dass is you.

On this journey of meeting Ram Dass in body, in thought, in awareness, we invite you to join us, on a journey of finding yourself, and in Remembering Ram Dass, remembering that our Action lies where Love is. Where there is no subject object duality. 

We invite you, and ourselves, to be in love and to the Tribute Event, hosted by Emerge in association with Sacred Community Project on 22nd December 2021, to come and be part of the one, for that is all there is. 

Please note that the timings of the event are mentioned in Indian Standard Time. 

Remembering Baba Ram Dass, Commemorating 2nd Death Anniversary A Tribute Event hosted by Emerge, in : Event


22nd December 2021

7:00 PM - 7 :15 PM

Welcome Address and Tribute Message

Welcome Address and Tribute to Baba Ram Dass by Mr. Devesh Gupta, Founder, Emerge

7:15 PM - 8:00 PM

Death, Grief and Eternal Soul

Hanuman Chalisa Chant | Talk on Death, Grief and Eternal Soul by Sitaram Dass, Director, Sacred Community Project

8:00 PM - 8:05 PM

Love and Citizenship

Talk on Love and Citizenship by Ms. Yoriko Yasukawa

8:05 PM - 8:45 PM

Preserving Protecting and Promoting Love for Humankind

Talk by Mr. Seth Mazibuko, Advisor, Emerge, Founder, June 16 Development Foundation on the theme : Legacy of June 16

8:35 PM - 9:05 PM

War, Peace and Home

Closed Event : Details Undisclosed

9:05 PM - 9:10 PM

Seeking Help

Message from Mr. Vedans Goel, Student at Emerge and Modern School Barakhamba Road

9:05 - 9:10 PM

Musical Performance by Mr. Hrishi Pasricha, Student at Emerge

Musical Tribute

9:15 PM - 9:35 PM

Climate action, Protest, Advocacy, Nature of Strikes, Nature of Change, COP26

A Conversation : Ms. Maria Papatheodorou ( Founder, Fridays for Future, Greece & Team Member, Emerge), Mr. Devesh Gupta

9:35 PM - 10:00  PM

Journey to God and Gold, Healing, Flow, Spirit, Heart, Olympics Gold, Dreams, Transcending Time

Interview : Ms. Julia Dujmovits ( Olympic Snowboard Gold Medallist) with Devesh Gupta, Founder, Emerge

10:00 PM - 10:45 PM

Nature of Self, Love and Action

A Conversation between Mr. Yousef Aouad ( Advisor, Emerge), Mr. Rushil Bhatt ( Advisor, Emerge), and Devesh Gupta

10:45 PM - 11:05 PM

Sports, Consciousness, Struggle, Freedom and Home

Interview : Ms. Agul Deng ( Team Member, Emerge and South Sudan's Women's National Basketball Team), Raghav Jindal ( Student, Emerge, UWC)

11:05 PM - 11:35 PM

Earth and Engineering, Consciousness, GIS, STEM

Talk: Ms. Jessica Persons (Senior Technical Consultant at Jacobs, Advisor, Emerge) with Veraj Goel (Student, Emerge)

11:35 PM - 1:00 AM              ( Overnight)

A Conversation between Yousef Aouad, Carl Golembeski, Sitaram Dass, Rushil Bhatt, Veraj Goel, Devesh Gupta

Love, Service, Life, Relationship, Learning, and Action

Remembering Baba Ram Dass, Commemorating 2nd Death Anniversary A Tribute Event hosted by Emerge, in : Schedule
Remembering Baba Ram Dass

Remembering Baba Ram Dass

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Remembering Baba Ram Dass, Commemorating 2nd Death Anniversary A Tribute Event hosted by Emerge, in : Videos
Remembering Baba Ram Dass, Commemorating 2nd Death Anniversary A Tribute Event hosted by Emerge, in : Pro Gallery
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