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Tribute to Baba Ram Dass and Emerge Model United Nations Conference 2020

Our Hesitation and Inquiry

We at Emerge see that we are in this time where consciousness is

shifting and moving across different planes and because of a common

suffering people across the world have experienced more unity. This

might come out of a common belief or a common motive to get past the

Covid 19 pandemic and to return to a normative and conceptual 'normal',

but it has definitely shown us how hollow and conceptual all identities

and structures of society are, and how strong the force of love and

understanding is.

It has been 75 Years since the UN Charter has come into being, but have

we really achieved peace within the mankind on earth, Pacem in Terris?

Has the suffering ceased? Are we really united or integrated, or are we

still separate states acting for our individual self interests? Why is there

insecurity between nations? Nations are conceptual realities made by the

mind of the individual, why are we, or the human mind insecure of our

neighbour, of the fellow being, of someone else’s being or idea or belief?

Is it the fear of giving up of our idea, our identity ? Why do we identify?

Why do we have borders and separate religions, beliefs and nationalities?

Have ideas brought mankind together? Is there anything beyond an idea

or a thought which can bring everyone together?

To explore and investigate into the current functioning of the UN

Structure in relationship to the current problems of the world, and to

reimagine a world order with human being at its centre, we welcome you

to Emerge Model United Nations 2020.

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Tribute to Baba Ram Dass and Emerge Model United Nations Conference 2020: Past Events


- Mr. Devesh Gupta

I am Devesh Gupta, Founder at Emerge, and I’d like to welcome all of you to the closing ceremony of Emerge Model United Nations 2020. 

Closing and conclusions are something to which we don’t really arrive, for life is in movement, and it flows on and on, so shall the relationships which get formed here out of love, out of meeting of minds, a journey from separate minds to one, from duality to non duality, or at least I hope so. 

Emerge Model United Nations Conference comes out not only from a normative understanding of Model UN and UN structures, but also from the understanding of the Human mind, for to understand the society, and its issues, it is imperative to understand the root of it all, the human psyche. 

Human mind is prone to getting attached and identifying, and we at Emerge believe that real change can only happen when minds can come together, experience other’s reality, and get to see and live beyond them, leave their petty issues which arise from their desires, ambitions and insecurity. Paranoia feeds upon paranoia, and us have become them, we keep separating ourselves from everyone in forms of countries, states, families, I , me and mine, and always live in this security dilemma.  

We have always relied on beliefs and ideas to come together, to cooperate, but in that process different ideologies, religions and nations  have started being at conflict , the very desire of achieving security through ideas led to insecurity . 

We believe that a change in psyche is needed for a complete change, and to not fall back to the old habits and patterns of living, of violence, of accumulating, dividing, and with that understanding we chose to discuss and explore into the relationship of individual with the society to reimagine the world order, gender Discrimination, Transforming Climate Action through Behavioral change, Insecurity arising out  of Nuclear Weapons,  and Global Hunger. 

In this journey, we got to meet with a lot of new individuals who didn’t seem new at all, they just became us and work kept happening. We kept training sessions from 17th December onwards, and in the 12 hours of interaction, not only people came together in intellect, but also in their being, and that is the real change which is required, which  we aimed for, journey from mind to spirit. (Adapted from my teacher's words )-   When one comes into the spirit, when one sees how it all is, one understands that behind all the individual differences man-woman, big-little, old young, black - white, chair - delegate, india- Pakistan, hindu - muslim, good - bad, every label you can think of becomes background instead of figure .

What stands out is : Here we are, here and now, that is all there is , and it isn’t beautiful, friends then there is nothing, 

So you say I can’t have it beautiful now, but later ! When I’ll get the award it will be beautiful, later never exists, so if you want to change, change now. 

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