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Workshop on World View and International Relations with Students at Queens University ( University of Charlotte)

March 3, 2022

Mr. Devesh Gupta conducted a workshop with the final year students of International Relations at Queen University discussing what forms the viewer, meaning of knowledge, conditioning, identification and division, conflict, peace, love and action.
Dr. Nathaniel was the host and the teacher in charge for the workshop and we'd like to express our deepest gratitude towards her for inviting our team to interact with the students.

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Workshop on World View and International Relations with Students at Queens University ( University o: Event
  • Why did you choose this person?

Mr. Devesh Gupta comes from India and has been interacting, speaking, teaching and working globally for the last 10 years. He is not only a trained lawyer, but also works with Diplomats, Government officials and students across different continents on freeing the mind and consciousness. He has given lectures at various universities including University of Toronto, University of Delhi, National University of Malaysia etc and has mentored students globally on the nature of thought, religion, nationality and society. Devesh grew up as a hindu and an Indian but has lived and worked in India, Afghanistan, Germany, Malaysia, Fiji, Netherlands, Belgium. He works with people from different nationalities and religions while also working with psychologists and doctors. He conducts workshops on consciousness change, love, and action, and has hosted and interacted with various UN Ambassadors, Professors, National Ambassadors and even Prime Minister ( of New Zealand Ms. Helen Clark). He has conducted Peace Trainings and workshops in places like Kabul and has seen the harshest of realities. He is the founder at Emerge ( and due to all these reasons I see him as one of the most fit people to come and speak on this topic. 

  • What did you hope for the class to gain ?

Mr. Devesh generally says that we shouldn't have hopes or expectations, because they prevent actual perception. But Mr. Devesh and I have had few interactions and learning sessions where he has helped me to inquire into my own consciousness, into the nature of reality, and of thought. I wanted my class to meet with him and experience a workshop / discussion with him where he can show them that the known is limited, or how our thinking creates our reality. He usually says that ' we see what we think' and that 'thought creates our reality'. I wanted him to bring this forward in front of our class as to how the thought creates the thinker, and how the viewer is the viewed. He usually discusses how we can only recognize something which we already know of, and how thought is not the actuality.  He also speaks of love in a very scientific way and that is what I wanted the class to see and understand. He also spoke about how ideas and thoughts divide and the way he explains that is what I hoped for the class to gain. The step by step inquiry which he does helps me to think for myself, and that is what I wanted the class to learn. 

  • How could the interaction enhance our understanding of global communication and culture?

His presentation started with him saying that communication comes from the word common, and communication leads to communion which leads to union. He spoke about how thought creates idea and identity and idea divides. He gave examples of how identification leads to division which leads to insecurity. He quoted examples of Ukraine and Russia's ongoing conflict, and how thought and self interest and identification has led to this conflict. There was a chapter in his presentation titled ' Observer is the Observed' where he showed how an observer is observing his/her own set of images, and that we project our own reality onto the observed.  He showed how when we perceive something, we usually modify it into our past knowledge. This is one of the key points for me.  He linked the inner and the outer, and also spoke of love to be something which was alive as an apple or a bird and the requirement of love for communication to happen. Otherwise, according to him, there will always be separation, in thought and in being.  

Report by Ms. Agul Christina Deng

Student, International Relations, University of Charlotte

Workshop on World View and International Relations with Students at Queens University ( University o: Quote
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