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Whole has the fragment, fragments can't make up the whole

You can't create this. No moment is same. You can be a part of the whole, but you can't create the whole. Whole gets created when you stop creating. When you stop. When the mind stops seeking any path. When there is no path, there is nowhere to go. There is no time. Then happens the contact. Contact with the one. Without an agent, without an entheogen or object or method. Object is the fragment, not the whole. No entheogen is complete. When entheogen shall stop, and you sha

Freedom and Love have no opposite

To understand when to stay connected to the roots, to stay strong, to stand tall against the wind, against the power, and to understand when to let go and become part of it all, part of the stream, of the flow, of energy is the end of all education, and to transcend any code and to be free, and that freedom is free of all values and rules, and is free to determine and be determined in goodness, in clarity and unity, with strength which is the only true virtue. Freedom is at t

Love, Clarity and Timelessness - Dharamkot, 2021

Till it doesn't come to you, I don't see the human being ever reaching the true clarity. And that comes to you when you cease to be. And then the ultimate / God / one appears. And then what is, is that. And that is where determinism, free choice meets, or you can say that choice ceases to be, and the totality flows. Choice is within you as long as there is contradiction. True love burns away all this contradiction, until what remains is this clarity. Then there is nothing t

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