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Love, Clarity and Timelessness - Dharamkot, 2021

Till it doesn't come to you, I don't see the human being ever reaching the true clarity. And that comes to you when you cease to be.

And then the ultimate / God / one appears. And then what is, is that. And that is where determinism, free choice meets, or you can say that choice ceases to be, and the totality flows. Choice is within you as long as there is contradiction. True love burns away all this contradiction, until what remains is this clarity. Then there is nothing to do, you are already then part of action, it's already one And that energy, that love, when it flows, it shines. And all that which is a part of it also shines. There is no separation, everything has found its right place, and now the sun, the water, the stone are part of one, no contradiction, no struggle, no effort, just clarity and flow, and then what remains is the beauty of true creation. This picture is past already, can we look at the past without the thought of it being the past, and also without looking at the past from the past or from the now. Love binds past present future, or just burns away time, or simply burns the dividing factor until what remains is Love. And this love is free, free to do the right thing. This stream flows, and it will flow and burn you, till it burns every inch of what's not true. And then there is shine. False has to go, not for any reason, but because it's false. Love is. Love shall be. May all be loved. P.S. I have never seen any human being who can be as loving as my mother, as total action oriented as my father, and as determined and dedicated as my brother. These are not measures, rather I'm talking about true essence. I just feel grateful for where I am, who I am, and for what product my creators have created, and that is the true creation of love 💕 Dropping - Emerging #wakingup #love #true #truth #grace #shineon #diamonds #water #sun #clear #god #parents #holy #dedication #sunshine #nature #one #mind #transcendence #india #himalayas

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