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To walk alone is to stop seeking

To walk alone is to stop seeking. What was being sought, and what is sought is false. And when all that goes emerges the totality. The one. There is no seeking now and in the now. Seeking creates the seeker. Without seeking, seeker is not. There is no road to god, to freedom, to enlightenment. No direction. Whoever tells you that there is, is in illusion. And they keep creating illusion. Confusion. Game is to not get high, for what goes high, comes down. Game is to get

Love, Clarity and Timelessness - Dharamkot, 2021

Till it doesn't come to you, I don't see the human being ever reaching the true clarity. And that comes to you when you cease to be. And then the ultimate / God / one appears. And then what is, is that. And that is where determinism, free choice meets, or you can say that choice ceases to be, and the totality flows. Choice is within you as long as there is contradiction. True love burns away all this contradiction, until what remains is this clarity. Then there is nothing t

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