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When I'm not, love is

Now that I have ceased to be, I am not the creator anymore. I am not the source of creation. When I'm not, love is Love creates what's eternal. Which is beyond impermanence, or continuity. Now whole is. I can be a part of that. It's no more the previous I which is separate, rather this part comes from the whole. The one. You can call it Ram, or the Flow, or Truth, but this description is not the described. It's not in the word. It might be in the sound, but for sound to

To walk alone is to stop seeking

To walk alone is to stop seeking. What was being sought, and what is sought is false. And when all that goes emerges the totality. The one. There is no seeking now and in the now. Seeking creates the seeker. Without seeking, seeker is not. There is no road to god, to freedom, to enlightenment. No direction. Whoever tells you that there is, is in illusion. And they keep creating illusion. Confusion. Game is to not get high, for what goes high, comes down. Game is to get

Space is the highest order

Space is order. If you have a belief, then there is conditioning. Which means an accumulation from previous time, which is an illusion. Can there be space for light to come in, for light and truth and what is, is in the moment. While many try to come to a balance, balance is an illusion. Space is needed within, without, for order to be. Space is the highest order. #light #space #new #fresh #now #truth #sunshine #tree #air #life #green #nature #birth #order

The false has to go. Death is so critical.

The false has to go. Not because of it being not true. But because of it being the false. Truth is not the opposite of false. There is no opposite of Truth. Truth has a different quality altogether, untouched by the realm of false, or illusion or accumulation, or time, or thought or desire or registration. What's and who's registering is the fear, and that's what forms you, forms the known, the comfort, the security. All that has to go. All that can't relate. To rel

Whole has the fragment, fragments can't make up the whole

You can't create this. No moment is same. You can be a part of the whole, but you can't create the whole. Whole gets created when you stop creating. When you stop. When the mind stops seeking any path. When there is no path, there is nowhere to go. There is no time. Then happens the contact. Contact with the one. Without an agent, without an entheogen or object or method. Object is the fragment, not the whole. No entheogen is complete. When entheogen shall stop, and you sha

Love, Clarity and Timelessness - Dharamkot, 2021

Till it doesn't come to you, I don't see the human being ever reaching the true clarity. And that comes to you when you cease to be. And then the ultimate / God / one appears. And then what is, is that. And that is where determinism, free choice meets, or you can say that choice ceases to be, and the totality flows. Choice is within you as long as there is contradiction. True love burns away all this contradiction, until what remains is this clarity. Then there is nothing t

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