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The false has to go. Death is so critical.

The false has to go. Not because of it being not true. But because of it being the false. Truth is not the opposite of false. There is no opposite of Truth. Truth has a different quality altogether, untouched by the realm of false, or illusion or accumulation, or time, or thought or desire or registration. What's and who's registering is the fear, and that's what forms you, forms the known, the comfort, the security. All that has to go. All that can't relate. To relate and to be in relationship, truth is needed. Which comes from love. And Love can't be contained in the container of the fear or self or want or thought Relating in awareness is the highest action. In this game of Life or love, false can't stay. False has to die for truth and love to be. May all be loved, in this moment, and in moments to come. While the false is busy building buildings, and accumulating material, those are the walls of fears which false builds, for without that false is not. Death of the false is most critical, eventually it's all impermanent. Can we not create time or thought, and die now, for the eternity to be ? What's eternal can't die. That's the dimension of truth. Which is. And that which is, is. Simply. To be simple is to have love. Not fear. #light #nature #truth #wisdom #forward #backward #now #love #space #spirit #eternal #simple #death #time #me #fear #nofear

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