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Year is ending, is there an ending of our sorrow, ending of thought, ending of time for New to be?

After looking at the entire structure of the content of human consciousness which has been put together by thought, which is a movement in time, which has been responsible for all the chaos and disorder, all the division, for the poison of nationality and religion and identity, if one is really serious, they would arrive at certain fundamental questions. 1. Is there a place for thought in our relationships? 2. Can there be a fundamental change in our being and our relati

To walk alone is to stop seeking

To walk alone is to stop seeking. What was being sought, and what is sought is false. And when all that goes emerges the totality. The one. There is no seeking now and in the now. Seeking creates the seeker. Without seeking, seeker is not. There is no road to god, to freedom, to enlightenment. No direction. Whoever tells you that there is, is in illusion. And they keep creating illusion. Confusion. Game is to not get high, for what goes high, comes down. Game is to get

The false has to go. Death is so critical.

The false has to go. Not because of it being not true. But because of it being the false. Truth is not the opposite of false. There is no opposite of Truth. Truth has a different quality altogether, untouched by the realm of false, or illusion or accumulation, or time, or thought or desire or registration. What's and who's registering is the fear, and that's what forms you, forms the known, the comfort, the security. All that has to go. All that can't relate. To rel

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