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Year is ending, is there an ending of our sorrow, ending of thought, ending of time for New to be?

After looking at the entire structure of the content of human consciousness which has been put together by thought, which is a movement in time, which has been responsible for all the chaos and disorder, all the division, for the poison of nationality and religion and identity, if one is really serious, they would arrive at certain fundamental questions. 1. Is there a place for thought in our relationships? 2. Can there be a fundamental change in our being and our relationships? 3. Can we live without forming images and conclusions in our minds? 4. Can the conflict which comes from division which comes from identification.. come to an end? Which means can the thought, seeing it's own structure and limitation come to an end? 5. What divides east and the west? One religion from another? Left brain and the right brain? Conscious and subconscious? Us and them? Past, present, future? 6. Is there a dimension which can't be touched by thought, which is not fragmentary, which isn't of time? And can thought ( which is time) answer that? Nature has order. Thought, which is a fragment is in-itself disorder. Hence thought hasn't, and can't solve our problems! The sunlight and the mountain is not put together by thought. Till I do not change fundamentally, my relationship with the world can't change, and hence the society can't change.

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