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Freedom and Love have no opposite

To understand when to stay connected to the roots, to stay strong, to stand tall against the wind, against the power, and to understand when to let go and become part of it all, part of the stream, of the flow, of energy is the end of all education, and to transcend any code and to be free, and that freedom is free of all values and rules, and is free to determine and be determined in goodness, in clarity and unity, with strength which is the only true virtue. Freedom is at the beginning, and that comes upon understanding of ourself, which is neither accepting nor condemning, which is not comparing not measuring not labeling, but observing, watching, with totality. This totality comes from love, so love is actually observing. And that love is free. Free and intelligent to understand, to stay connected to the roots, and to be the flow. There is no contradiction. Love has no opposite. Freedom has no opposite. #free #beginning #freedom #step #goodness #all #clouds #blue #orange #light #one #himachalpradesh #india

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