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Panel Discussion on 'Restore our Earth', on the 22nd April 2021

Hosted by Emerge on the Occasion of Earth Day, at The Earth Day Festival organised by The Dais and EARTHDAY.ORG and Partners

We can't really come together or go away, for we are already together in all of this, on this earth experiencing ourselves similarly, differently. Covid 19 has definitely shown us how things are interrelated, and how suffering and hope is a part of this life. Climate Change, Pandemics, Hunger has and does affect all, and it requires a change. We are not talking about a modification in Law, or Policy, or social structure, modifications are temporary. We are looking at a complete change in the human being, and his / her relationships, relationship to another human being, to a plant, to the environment, and to the society. We are no different than the environment. Experiencer is a part of the experience.
We are a part of the nature. Nature creates us.
On the occasion of the 51st Earth Day, Emerge is hosting a Panel Discussion on the theme ' Restore Our Earth', on the 22nd April 2021, from 6 PM IST - 7 PM IST on Zoom. We invite you to join us, be a part of it all, and listen to/share
the voice on what it means to you to 'restore our earth'.

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To know more about the Panel Discussion on the Theme ' Restore our Earth ", you can download the PDF file . We hope that this document helps the reader to inquire into his/her own nature of consciousness.

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View the Panel Discussion Here

If change doesn't happen after viewing the video, then it may never happen. Please Change Now !

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Panel Discussion on 'Restore our Earth': HTML Embed
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