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Consciousness Change, Self-Transformation and Awakening Intelligence through Education and Action

Emerge works with students, educators, policy makers, parents and working professionals to bring order, peace, love and compassion in their lives and in the society.

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In this moment, and in our discussions and work together, if you stick to your opinions, experiences, and knowledge while we adhere to ours, then there is no real meeting because neither of us is free to inquire.

If you assert your knowledge and narrative, and we assert ours, then there is duality and separation. We never truly meet.

True communication leads to communion, which, in turn, leads to union.

It is like talking things over together as two friends who are looking at and living in the world together, finding out step by step.

A flower doesn’t give you anything, perhaps just a smile or its fragrance. Or you give it a smile. But you love it for just being, for its floweriness. For your floweriness. Can we be sensitive, active, and alert in our observation? Don’t try to pluck it, don’t try to capture it, because that would kill it. Just let it be, love it for its existence. Can there be love without causation or expectation?

When there is a space of love with freedom and sensitivity, the mind's journey of discovery does lead to discovery, but what we discover is not of great significance. What's important is to die to what you have discovered and to keep going. Keep flowing. If you stay with what you have discovered, then the mind gets conditioned or attached, leading to conflict. This experience, if carried in memory, becomes knowledge and conditioning. In the next moment, it is that image, knowledge, or conditioning with which we meet life and this conditioning prevents love from being.

So, the key is to die to what you discover and keep flowing like a stream with an abundance of strength, love, clarity, and space.

Re-new Now.

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Understanding Emerge


Through Emerge, we introduce individuals to themselves, providing ways for self-inquiry and understanding of the world. Each of us exists in our respective relative realities shaped by past experiences, learnings, and driven by desires. Emerge aims to foster self-understanding by developing the ability to observe our lives and relationships, think freely, and love everyone beyond physical, social, and psychological differences. We seek to eliminate the thought and time that create a sense of separateness, enabling one to understand life in totality and take comprehensive action towards self, society, and nature.

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Our Latest Publication

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An Exploration and Inquiry into Self-Help, Spirituality, Psychology, Society, Relationships, Education, Self- Transformation, Consciousness-Change, Love, and Action.

Eternal Movement

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ISBN 978-81-969212-6-2

Eternal Movement

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Workshops Offerings

Consciousness Change and Self Transformation through Right Education


Consciousness Change and Self Transformation for University and School Students


Consciousness Change and Self Transformation for Teachers and Educators

Consciousness Change and Self Transformation for Parents, Policy Makers and Working Professionals

At National University of Malaya 2018

Understanding Action at Emerge

In confronting challenges such as forest fires, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, and the looming threat of an asteroid impact, humanity is compelled to respond. Our shared vulnerabilities, underscored by basic needs like sustenance, clean air, and water, are integral aspects of this response. It is crucial to emphasize that the problems of war, discrimination, conflict, global hunger and hatred have not been created by nature, rather, these are products of the human mind and actions.

At Emerge, we recognize that the challenges are not just physical occurrences but also manifestations of a deeper psychological reality.

We recognize that problems exist on a psychological plane of reality, influencing our relationships and interactions within ourselves and with the external world. A crucial insight at Emerge is the understanding that transformative change is necessary in the very psyche of the human being. This change, we believe, must be profound and not merely a temporary modification driven by the fear of punishment or the lure of reward.

In navigating these challenges, Emerge emphasizes the cultivation of an understanding of the Self and its relationships. This understanding becomes the fertile ground for the flowering of mindfulness, intelligence, love, and compassion, fostering a state of order and harmony. It's important to note that this understanding transcends mere intellectual analysis. It is an experiential realization that permeates the entire being. It is a clear perception of that which is, leading to change.

By addressing challenges at the psychological level and fostering a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of the human mind with the world, Emerge endeavors to facilitate a holistic transformation. Our goal is to encourage individuals to respond to challenges in a manner that reflects a profound understanding of the complex interplay between the human psyche and the external reality. Through this approach, we aspire to contribute to a world where issues are addressed not as isolated incidents or in fragments but responded to as a whole.

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Truth, beauty and creation do not require validation, but someone's true experience can give an insight if you meet it with sensitivity and love.

You can click on 'See More' button to see and hear from more individuals who emerge at Emerge.

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Ms. Christina Deng - South Sudan Women's National Basketball Team

Ms. Christina Deng - South Sudan Women's National Basketball Team

In March 2020, I was fortunate enough to meet one of the greatest teachers, whom I refer to, as Mr. Devesh. He has taught me a lot, from being self conscious to being selfless.

I remember a class with Mr. Devesh where I had to make a draft resolution to be presented at my University Model UN Paper ( Queens University of Charlotte), and my topic was on LGBTQI Communities. In my research I learned about how LGBTQI community has been treated all these years and they were never accepted in the society .

I have learned from Mr. Devesh that we shouldn't divide us as I, she, her, mine, yours. We should think of ourselves as one and that's the way people can together move forward. So I am blessed enough to go through the training with Mr. Devesh for 30 + hours with him, and it was such a great experience with him. There were certain times when I wouldn't understand something, but Mr. Devesh was able to take a step back and gave such beautiful examples to make me see it.

And I will say he is one of the greatest, I have crossed paths with.

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BJ 24 East Shalimar Bagh, Delhi, India, 110088

+91 8527214714

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