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The Dais Global Voices Program 2020

6th August 2020 - 10 December 2020

The Dais Global Voices Program is an annual virtual dialogues platform to bring unheard voices & issues in the society to the forefront, launched by The Dais in July till November 2020 with several partners around the world and saw over 30 Global Dialogues on SDGs through Dialogues Series on Gender, Climate, Education, Peace, Inclusion. The program saw a direct participation of about 2000 attendees and a reach of about 2,00,000 views on Facebook Live and was awarded the 13th National Womens' Excellence Award 2020 in India for the Global Gender Dialogues.

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The Dais Global Voices Program Launch

☆The Dais Global Voices Program☆
~ Program Launch in Observance of Hiroshima Day~

Dr.John Robert Clammer commenced the online launch of the The Dais Global Voices Program from Kyoto, Japan through Observance of the Hiroshima Day, 6th August. Two youth speakers had already sent in their videos from Japan talking about what Hiroshima Day meant to them.

Here is a lovely frame from today’s discussion.

》》The conversation also saw a video message from Dr. Georgios and which was also played at the session.

》》Our partners and dialogue conveners for Peace, Aseemit Foundation, Sarthak, Gender, Mentor, Jasmine, and Elements, Emerge India, Devesh were also present besides JR Morton and Brittany Staples. This line up was further strengthened by our partners and guide for Global Actions, Sudha Reddy, EFSA. Nitisha had also joined us for the dialogues. She is a consultant and often a collaborator for ideation.

All the speakers made pertinent, deep remarks and one common ideas for to understand things from not just external but also internal views.

Next, we move from Kyoto, Japan to New Delhi, India, for Observance and Celebration of the International Youth Day, 12th August 2020 for the Grand Opening before we reach Brussels on the 21st September 2020 for the Observance of International Day of Peace and also the celebrations for UN75 Program.

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