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Updated: Oct 7, 2021

So there is this realm of time, which is the realm of thought, which is the past thought meeting the present, the limited, meeting the unlimited, the dead meeting the alive, can there be any meeting ?

The realm of time is where we get stuck in, into something which we think will lead to happiness, satisfaction, and anything which is from the realm of time can’t lead to timelessness, all knowledge, thought, hurt, ambition, violence, nothing is intelligence Intelligence and love have no opposite, it is an eternal state of being. Satisfactions are temporary, satisfaction can never be satisfied .

Peace is when there is unity, where there is no problem, no contradiction within, without. Where there is clear perception, when time isn’t operating, time or past thought has led to this state of contradiction, house is burning but you only care for yourself, for the action of the house burning, you, and your little self aren’t one, if they were one, there would have Been a choice-less action coming from the totality of the moment, and not from a fragment of yourself, not for a fragment of your little identification with yourself.

Had there been no identification, then there was only one action to be done, the unity, there is no thinker who thinks he is separate, there is only action, happening, and all other are bricks to this flow, are the molecules to this flow of water which is the action, the individual consciousness of each molecule has to be over or has to come to an end, to be taken over / filled / to tune into the choiceless awareness clarity stage, love leads you there too, where there is no object subject duality, no separation, its love which is acting, or choice-less action

Love can think, awareness can also think, but thinking is not awareness. Choice-less action can think, but mere thought is not choice-less action. If an identity is meeting the human being, a perceived sense of self, a hindu, a muslim, .. the way they see the world is who they are, they are only meeting themselves, their own version of the world, little, they aren’t different from the world, and they can never comprehend the total, they will only listen to and see the limited self, not paying attention to the all, but the awareness isn’t present, its the condition which is present, and parallel to that, the past conditioning of desire, of ambition, and the complete mosaic of it shall form the reality and not clear perception.

Can there be active listening, clear perception without this mosaic of desire, of lust, of anger, of past identification operating, in every moment, so that we are not having contradictions in our behavior, so that we aren’t communist in family and capitalist in society, so that we don’t control or hurt others and preserve us and ours, so that we are a complete human being who acts as being a part of the action in goodness, without inherent presence of any thought which leads to duality, duality is between what is being said and what is being heard, is listening happening from totality of the being or genitals/ ambition/ past hurt , are you seeing, who are you who is seeing, who is the observer, can different obervers / listeners die, and can there be complete listening, acting, listening is acting, they aren’t different, thought makes it different, the thought of the I which is a mosaic of all the past hurt, knowledge, the realm of thought, or known, of time, which discriminates . Where is the thinking coming from ? Why are we accumulating the past hurt, grief, pain, of yesterday?

This accumulation is not letting us meeting the new, fresh, we aren’t meeting only, its the dead image meeting the fresh, its the past image which we are carrying , or the notion or stigma, stereotype, the roles or boxes of profession, technical, spiritual, labels..and our past experiences, notions of those labels, and that mosaic, all this is the thought/ energy with which we meeting the fresh, we never meet

Can this registration process not happen, can this accumulation not happen, can we stop sustaining this energy by thought, habitual same patterns of thinking, of being, of living, because it’s secure ? It’s safe ? Because we fear ? Can The You, The conditioned mind die, for love to be. Without Death, Love is not. When Love is, Death is not. Without love, all thought leads to division, because it comes from insecurity, or it leads to insecurity, love is needed, at all levels, all ends, all direction, while there is no direction or ends, only love. Your activity of planning of the future is also happening in the past/ in the field of known, it is taking you away from the present, you are just building upon the past mosaic, rearranging it, lost in the realm of the thinking mind, you think you are thinking of future, but you are thinking, and thinking alone is not presence, it is taking you away from awareness presence, and that presence has nothing to do with past or future. There is no future, future is now, all thought of future is thought is the realm of mind. We think that past present future are linear, but consider past and future as within the realm of mind or thinking, within time, and presence is not in time Presence has to be met, not the thought of presence, not the method to presence, just presence

If there is a how to, then you are back to the method. Can you be present in this moment, all present, actively, can there be total perception, active listening, without going in the realm of thought .

Is thought not important to understand what is being communicated ? Thought is important, but meeting doesn’t have to happen of thought and thought, meeting has to happen of being, and once that is done, thought comes within the realm of awareness, and not separate alone. Now thought has found its right place.

Total response on a psychological reality is free of time, what creates time is thought, thinking, what is letting the person react, and not respond wholly.

What's reacting is the self.

Can there be love to transcend this realm of psychological time ?

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