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Arriving at Love from What isn't Love

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Now comes a space when time is not. What time is it? What age or form of civilization?

Why do you need an idea to come together, and can idea bring us together. And what is together?

Mere cooperation till both are getting satisfied, and used?

Love and togetherness has a different quality. Different not in terms of measurement or comparison but an entirely different dimension where there is freedom for creation and destruction of objects to relationship, where word or method or ambition or rule doesn't become more important than human being, where symbol or code doesn't divide or become limited.

What's that code which can stay fresh always, and is free to transcend it's own self to meet life and respond fully?

Mind might be able to answer that, but to become that mind has to be transcended. The dividing factor has to be eliminated in actuality, and not only in thought or Intellect. Intellect in any form as a source divides. That's the nature or code of intellect. Without measurement, intellect is not. Thought in-itself is a fragment, which has to be used by intelligence, or awareness whatever you may call it.

Why do we compare? Which means interpreting the present in lens of the past. Whatever is being compared to, is an illusion. And the object of comparison is also an illusion. Can we drop all of the illusion which mind / intellect as created? Can we truly see, hear without this intellect coming in?

What's the fear, what shall die, what is it that is being held so dearly like a baby? Can we give up on the me, our right, mine, and all of me to be in love?

And that love is not an idea, it doesn't fear, it doesn't conform, it remains free to do the right thing. And that love doesn't have an object, neither should meditation or life should have. Objects in relationships or life create attachment.

Can love exist without an object, it has space for object, but object is not the source.

True love's flame keeps burning on its own, and it burns all that the mind has created and all that which separates, till what remains is Love. Love doesn't divide. Love removes the divide.

Love alone may not be able to do anything, but without love nothing can be done.

To be in Love, and at Love is the purpose of life, and of relationship, and of action, if there is any. Or to be clear, love doesn't have a purpose or a cause or object or condition. Love is eternal, may all be loved, in this moment, and may this moment becomes eternity.

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