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Inquiring and Seeing the truth

Flowing with Belief and non Belief, with faith and non faith, neither accepting, nor rejecting, seeing, doing it each time still, now who does this is not the same who was seeking, but rather one who sees the truth and false of it, and lives with the truth and false, being the truth.

And then with that truth comes activation. You see the truth in an institution, you see it at a building, at a temple, in a child's eyes, in a mother's cry

Millions sit hungry outside the temple, millions get spent inside the temple.

Can we not fear? Can we understand that God won't be happy with receiving funds, donations, chanda, chadhawa and prashad but rather when you'd feed the one sitting outside, when you'd teach the one sitting inside the temple, when you'd teach the one sitting outside, and when you'll teach yourself.

God might be there in a temple, but you need to have truth and virtue, and clarity within you to see God when you go to a temple. Otherwise it's just a fearful selfish person visiting the temple, who is in some illusion of God being happy if they visit the temple or shrine.

God ain't happy kid, God is astonished at how stupid humankind can get, where word or building or a stone becomes more important than the human being

May we all understand how to see and meet a God, be it at a temple, or on the street.

May we bring some sacredness when we see a poor child or 'other' which we bring when we enter a temple / church / mosque

Once that true virtue is achieved then there is Ram, Krishna, Shiva, Christ, any and every you want to believe in. But once virtue comes in, belief has no place :)

Belief is not required to come together, love is.

And that love is not a thought, or an ideology, or a stone or a mantra to be found at some building.

Love comes in, when all that goes.

And when love come in, there is space for the contact with the one, in all spaces

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