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Understanding Emerge

Through Emerge, we are introducing a person to himself, herself, and giving them ways to self inquire and understand the world. All of us are in our respective relative realities at every point of time, and are shaped by our past experiences, learnings, and motivated by our desires. Emerge aims at understanding of our own self, by developing the ability to observe our own lives and relationships, to be able to think freely, and to be able to love everyone alike, beyond the physical, social and psychological differentiations. Emerge aims to take you from lower planes of consciousness to higher planes of consciousness, and it further gives you the ability to understand life in totality, and take total action towards the self, the society and the nature.

At Emerge we see that we exist in relationships, not because we think we are, nor in isolation. Emerge works at helping the individual, community and society to work on themselves to be able to have free relationships, with each other, and with the society where there is peace, harmony and order, which springs from and in love with no object. Emerge works on the psyche of the individual and of the society to bring a complete change in the human being and his/her relationships. Emerge sees that change can only happen now, and not tomorrow, for you can come back and read this tomorrow, and again and again, if you don’t change now, there is always a tomorrow, which never arrives. Emerge sees that future is now, which has already become the past.

Emerge works with the human beings who play the role of Youth, Elder, NGOs, Communities, Governments, Businesses, different nationalities, religious groups and help them to build the right virtue within him/her, so that when he plays any of these roles, it is a total action one takes, and not a divisive action coming only from identification to the role.

Emerge sees that an action is complete only when it takes into account the living over the dead, takes into account the human being as it is, than the identifications, when action takes care of the today, of the now. We see that Goodness is required, a state of unity, a unified consciousness before action is taken. All knowledge is fragmentary, and hence action based on thought, on idea, and not actuality is always divisive, or incomplete.

With this understanding, we welcome you to Emerge !

Understanding Emerge : Who We Are

Understanding Self Love Action



What Am I?

Before knowing who I am, or what I am, it is important to understand how do you know anything? What is it to know? How do you know? Are you the description of what you describe? The word bird, and an actual bird are quite different. The word is not the thing. What are you?


What is Love?

Love can't be described, for any description shall come from the realm of thought, and love is not thought. 

Can one practice love? Can I say that I will practice loving?

Since you have been put to these questions now will you sit down day after day and think about it?

The problem is that we don't understand how to love. And this question about how to love again puts you into thinking, but thought or idea is not love.



What is Action?

We see that we exist is relationship, and we are all interrelated. It has been seen that human behavior gets influenced by reward or a fear of punishment. All laws work on the principle of punishment, but that has not changed the human being. No Law or policy or method can change the human being. The very law becomes separative which was meant to unite. No Ideal can bring order.
Is there an action which isn't a reaction, but a total response which isn't shaded by the color of a past thought or identification?

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Understanding Emerge : What We Do
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